How to send a picture with Messenger App - like MMS

How everybody,
i’m using the App Messenger to send my sms to my contact… last day, i wanted to send a picture to my mother, like a MMS, and it wasn’t possible…
Have you any solution??

What happens when you tap the paperclip on top of the message screen ?
It should allow you to attach pictures, videos, audio etc

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Maybe it was a real MMS. You need the correct APN settings in this case to send and receive MMS.

The APN settings are accessible at “Settings” – “Wireless & networks” – “More” – “Cellular Networks” – [select SIM Card] – “Access Point Names” – [select APN]. Look at your provider’s website which data to enter.

thanks a lot!!!
that was that:-) I just had to set the APN from my Swisscom Account. For the Swiss People, like me, who are to Swisscom, all informations are Here :

You have all the settings here ;-))
Thanks tofra for your help!!


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But look at your tariff how much you have to pay per MMS. For example 0.39 € per MMS can be very expensive if many MMS are sent.

We have a comparison of different messengers which can be used if MMS are too expensive for you.