How to search our contacts' addresses in Google Maps?

Hi, Maybe a silly question: I have contacts on my phone (not sync’d through google or outlook, but actually on the phone itself). When I open google maps, I type in the name of a contact and it doesn’t come up. On my iPhone there was a simple setting to allow the map app to access my contacts and voilà it worked. I cannot find any setting anywhere for this. Please share if you gave found a way :smile: Thanks!

Edit: Maybe I can provide a solution for you. :slight_smile: In Android this works through the people app: Go to the specific contact and click on his/her address. Google Maps should open automatically and view the location.

I’ll recategorize this because it is about a specific problem and not about software in general. This will make it easier for others to help you.

Thank you, that worked :slight_smile: Still seems silly, though.

@consuela Yeah, somehow Android often is the other way round… :slight_smile:

PS.: Somehow your quote got messed up, could you please update your post to make it more readable? :blush:

Funny, I replied via email through the stock email app :slight_smile: Will try to remember when I’m in front of a computer. Cheers :slight_smile:

OK when replying by email I need to delete the original message text.

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