How to scan QR Codes FP4

Hello, I’m a new FP4 user, having just transitioned from a FP2, and not very sussed technically.
How do I scan QR codes on my FP4?

On my FP2, I downloaded an app to do this. I’ve seen people use their phone camera for QR code scanning so assume the FP4 would be able to handle this but can’t find how to do this.

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You have to install an app first. I use QR &Barcode scanner from F-Droid.


Or if you don’t use F-Droid, here is the same App in googles App store: QR & Barcode Scanner.

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or just check if your browser can do this, Vivaldi and Fennec can and as Fennec is a Firefox modification I assume firefox can as well.


The stock camera app has an icon that looks a little like this (in b/w instead of colors) located left of the photo trigger button (if this icon is missing it might be due to a disabled “Google” app):

If you tap that, you can scan a QR code without an additional app.

The same app (Google Lens) is also available e.g. from the Google Search bar widget or by tapping the “G” in the Google app. Not sure if it’s possible to place it as an app shortcut on the home screen.


Indeed it can. Just open a new tab, tap in the address bar as though about to type in a URL, and you’ll see



use the standarad cam app and click here → Screenshot_20230917-165628-01-01-01


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I personally use the open source app ‘binary eye’ (F-Droid, Google Play). You can even set it as your default app and link it in your ‘slide down menu’ (or whatever that’s called).


Binary eye is my favorite choice as well! Also, it shows you the content of the QR code first if you want before it redirects to a URL (in case the QR code contains a URL). In addition, you can scan barcodes with it. I use the F-Droid version.


Ah, that’s what this wee symbol is for :laughing: I’ve now used it on a couple of QR codes and seems straightforward, thank you!

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Yup, got this to work now, thank you! :smile:

Thanks so much for all the replies. I’ve now managed to scan using the camera app and it seems straightforward, but it’s good to know of other options if I end up needing to use the scanner more often.
I presume those of you who use an app rather than the button in the camera app find it’s faster or in some other way better than the camera app route?

And yes, seeing the content of the QR code first could be helpful, as in Binary, especially if using the scanner a lot.

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