How to return a cover through DHL?

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask my question…before that, I’ll explain what happened in few steps:

  1. I contacted the support team to cancel an order (a new FP2 slim cover that costs 45€) and they replied it was no possible because it was already sent, and they promised I could return it and have a refund (even though I sent the cancel request few minutes after placing the order, because I realized I could have a new cover under warranty).

  2. I followed the instructions to return the cover and I went to the nearest DHL centre to send it, and here is the problem: they told me I need an authorization from their client Fairphone in order to put the shipping cost on Fairphone (if not, DHL would charge me 43€).

  3. I wrote the support team twice (two different members of the support team) asking how to return the cover through DHL, and complete the process. I haven’t received any reply yet and I’m quite close to end the 14 days of the return policy.

Can anyone help me, please? Thank you in advance

Call them (on Monday) and tell them your request number(s) for reference.


Calling sounds like a good idea, though I would ask them to just return the money and keep this case, if it is a warranty issue. That would make much more sense than returning this case and ask for another one under warranty.


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