How to repair a non-reacting FP2 Screen

Hi Fairphone community,

I had/have the known issue, that the FP2-Screen isn’t responding in a specific area (see picture).
After I tried to dis- and reassamble it still didn’t work, so I started the replacement process with Fairphone. So far so good, I got the retoure sticker and was about sending it back, but then suddenly it worked fine again. So I cancelled the process.

Now, unfortunately it doesn’t work again. So here is my question:
Is there a way to fix this issue yourself without replacing the whole screen? I’ve heard from stories, that fixed a not-working WIFI of an iPhone by putting it into the oven for 1h with 80°C, so my idea was trying this with the screen.

Does the Fairphone Tech-Team know why it comes to that problem and if there is anything you can do apart from replacing it with a new one (like my idea)?
Or has someone from this community an idea/experience?


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