How to remove a security pattern, also with resetting phone

after my Fairphone 3+ had some issues with the power cpu(Qualcomm PMI632 Power Management IC) I had some problems to turn on the phone, only when I bend the phone it works…
so I decided to buy another used one…
the seller told me that he had some issue with a security pattern he lost out of his mind,
so I thought just a reset would make it…
bad thought, it wasn’t so easy…now I’m sitting here with a locked phone,
a wipe/ factory reset didn’t made it,
I have also tried to use to enter the setting, but no chance…
adb and fastboot are closed, because the phone is locked…
is there maybe a solution to make a complete factory reset to also clean the security pattern?

Hope there is a solution…

Thank you!

Just to make sure: You did the wipe/factory reset through the Recovery, right? (Boot with Volume Up held – once a lying Android appears, hold Power and briefly press Volume Up to proceed to the menu)

Yes, I’ve did it that way,
I think it only wipes user data but not security, but after entering
language and wifi, the security pattern again appears
and I also have the chance to enter with google, but not with my pass…

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This is factory reset protection and it is possible the seller sold you a stolen phone.

It technically can be bypassed since EDL is available for FP3, but you’d have to solely use an OS without Google services installed afaik.

Actually rewriting the FRP partition isn’t easy as it is cryptographicaly signed.

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Yes, I also thought that the phone would maybe stolen, but he has sent me a bill with shipping information from fairphone with the right EMEI, which is from april 2022, maybe it’s possible, that I send it to Fairphone ,could do that and clear the protection, when I also send this customer purchase order sheet to them?


I’m not sure they will do that. I guess Fairphone has access to their signature keys, but I don’t know the details of wether and how they can flash a modified (but signed) software to recover a Phone the factory reset protection has been triggerd on. You’ll need to contactsupport to get more information on their policy and technical abilities with regards to that.

But while you’re at it you can also ask them to compare the IMEI of the Phone against their database of stolen phones that’s mentioned in the post linked below. Just to be sure.

O.K., I was hanging around a while with my old Honor 8… :smile:

Today I was again searching for an idea and I have found this thread in our forum:

there was a solution which unlocked the bootloader, now I was able to install another Firmware,
it worked for me…the security pattern is now off the phone…installed Android10 stock, and after that Ubuntu-Touch…maybe I give it a second chance…
thanks to all for their reply, now I have my older one for spare, or maybe I try to heat the power cpu, to maybe give contact underneath and use it also…will see… thanks for that…


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