How to remove 3d phone case

Does anyone know how to remove a 3d phone case from the FP1? I’m very pleased with my cover but need to remove it in order to extract my sd card which is damaged. I’m loathe to use brute force for fear of breaking the cover.

Typing this from memory because I am no longer using a 3D case.
I used to hold it in landscape mode and push the camera glass on the back out of the 3D case and simultaneously bend/push the case around the edge of the phone.

Not sure if this will help you or not, if not let me know I will go and search for a 3D case somewhere to make some pictures. :blush:

It worked! Though with difficulty and I’ve cracked the cover slightly. But at least it’s off and I can get at the sd card. Thanks.

Really?! Hmm, maybe the 3D case was printed too fast?
@Sietse, could I ask for your expertise? What do you think?