How to reinstall official Fairphone Camera App under CyanogenMod?

Hi there !

I have a FP1U with CyanogenMod 11 but after tried several Camera App, I didn’t found a better Camera App than the one installed under Fairphone OS :smile:
Is there a way to reinstall it from a package somewhere ?

Camera (Stock camera) -

I’m pretty sure the camera app on the Fairphone is not the Android stock camera. It definitely is not the linked KitKat version. My guess is that this app is a special camera app included by Mediatek.

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I have another idea: Get a second Fairphone with FP OS, with a root browser + superuser access, and go to /system/app. The package you are looking for is “Gallery 2.apk”. Send it to your FP with CM and install.

Sorry for asking: but why exactly do you want to go back to the original Camera app.
Other then that I’m pretty sure, someone could just send you the apk via email or pm.

I want to reinstall original app because I feel it more confortable than other than I could tried.
For example, Camera Zoom FX looks less reactive (when you press shooting button) and don’t have the panoramic function.

If someone can send me the .apk, it could be very nice :slight_smile:

Just a thought, but can you not simply extract the gallery apk/odex files from the readily available zips on the website. The gallery app is in the system\app directory in the zip and I think probably needs to be installed as a system app to work correctly.

I don’t know for sure though, but assume this would work. Worth a try :thumbsup: