How to record voice?

Is there a voicerecording possibility in my Fairphone?
I want to record interviews and send the recordings to Word to transcribe.
Or is there a better way to do this?
Thanks for your advices.
Maarten19, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

you can download and install a voice recording app from Play Store. this ,one for example, is simple and doesn’t show ads:

On my FP4, there’s a voicerecorder app installed by default. In Dutch it’s simply called Geluidsrecorder. Not sure about the English name, probably Voice Recorder, or Sound Recorder.

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Thanks, noodlejetski. It was helpfull. The fossify-app gives me recordings with the right extension to use.
I hope that F is somewhat reliable.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, that voicerecorder doesn’t work well enough to transcribe.