How to put my Itunes data on my FP3?


I’ve just bought a FP3, and I want to transfer my data from my iPhone to my FP3. My Iphone died one day before I receive my new phone… so now I have only an Itunes backup to transfer all this data. But I don’t know how to put it on my FP3. Any help ?


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If you simply copy your iTunes folder (or just the iTunes Media folder) to your FP3, the phone should automatically recognize all titles and albums. If it’s a lot of GBs, I would recommend to use an SD card for that.

However, if you have playlists, this won’t suffice and I cannot spontaneously offer a solution for those.

Thanks for your answer!
Actually, the music of Itunes is not a problem, that’s not my purpose. I guess I explained myself in a bad way :slight_smile:

I saved a “version” of my Iphone on Itunes, that is to say a total backup of my whole phone… and I’d like to put it on my FP3 as I would do it if I had my phone working well. And I don’t know if there is a way to transfer that backup on my new phone…

There are commercial software applications which can extract data from iCloud backup to transfer to Android device, however I doubt you will find one that includes FP3 under supported devices specifically. You can usually trial the software to extract limited amount of data to see whether worthwhile to subsequently purchase.


Oh okay, didn’t know that exists. Thanks for your response, I’m gonna try to search for one :slight_smile:

Here is one such example although have no personal experience if you want to research:

You cannot restore an iPhone backup on Android. None of the apps would work because of the different platform, same for application preferences. You can get your pics and tunes back from the respective apps, but that’s about it probably.

More info can be found here:

Okay. I just wanted to get back the conversations/discussions/contacts/pictures. I’ll check your link, thank you!

What kind of conversations? WhatsApp for example stores its backup in iCloud on iOS, but in Google Drive on Android, so this won’t work. Too bad your iPhone has already died, otherwise you could sync the contacts using FullContact …

Here is my experience with moving to FP3 from iPhone 6.
For Contacts, Calendar and Notes you can export them from More info is here:
Contacts can be easily imported to Google account. I haven’t tried calendar as it was already synced on iPhone with Google. For notes I had to manually copy them to Google keep one by one.
Photos must be copied manually. First, I export favorite photos in separate folder to lower resolution to reduce space usage (around 1400 photos for 1 GB of data) and then I copy them to google drive folder. After that I use FolderSync app on FP3 to sync this folder to FP3, but USB transfer can be made instead. As I do this once or two times a year it is OK for me.
Music can also be copied manually via USB cable, but I use Apple Music on my FP3 so I don’t need this. If you use iTunes, but don’t have Apple Music subscription or prefer manual sync I recommend iSyncr together with Rocket Player, as I was using this before Apple Music came to my country.