How to open panorama files (.mpo) on a pc (?)

Hi everyone!

Have you discovered the moving, multi-angle panorama function on the Fairphone camera yet? I love it and all my friends are amazed by it too. I especially like how I can look around in the panorama by moving my phone.
It works by taking a series of pictures and by moving your phone you then can pan left-right when viewing it.

I’d love to be able to see my .mpo files in this way on my pc too. I have searched for software that can make it into a big panorama, a .gif or best of all: something with a slider so I can turn the camera from left to right within the panorama.

The only thing I’ve been able to find is software like this that takes just two of the many pictures to create a 3D stereogram. I’d love to see the full sweep of pictures though, so if anyone knows of any software like that, it’d be much appreciated! :smile:



I’ll definitely second this. I really like these multi-angle photo’s! Haven’t found a way to view them anywhere else but on my Fairphone…

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Hi Thorondor,

Photoshop CC is able to open .mpo files. It puts them into a 3D layer from where you can extract the single frames with a few simple steps.

Then you can use a stitching software like Microsoft’s “Image Composite Editor” to build a panorama image from them.



me again. For all the people who don’t have access to Photoshop: Just found out that my favourite image viewer XNView can extract the frames from a .mpo, too. It’s free for private usage.


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