How to move all contacts to SIM

Hi all,
I want to move all my contacts from the FP2 Device tp my simcard.
How can I do this?
In the contacts app (build 1.7.31) I only see EXPORT in set settings and this only gives me the option to share all contacts or to save as VCF file.

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Lutz Hartmann

To be honest, I think only very specialized experts would be able to find a way to do that. I know contacts used to be saved to SIM cards, but I actually doubt it is still technically possible at all.

I would export them into a .vcf file – you can then either email it to yourself, transfer the file to your computer via a USB cable or save it to a microSD card.


Wow, it was possible for greenhorns even.
Why is it only for very advanced experts now?
I am surprised!
I would like to move my contacts across divices without any clouds or storages in between.

and it was the app that could do it before

Not really recommended, unless you’re only using one device at a time and constantly moving the SIM from one to another (not recommended either!)

Bear in mind that the SIM registers are very limited compared with the Android contacts database and the various apps.

The best way really is to synchronize your contacts across devices using a cloud-based service such as (which I cite as an example I use myself, you can create an account for free to do that and a bit more). While I have myself removed all my contact info from my old Google account, there are more trustworthy alternatives. Let’s also bear in mind that, while Google’s business model is based on making their users their product and indirect source of income, others just charge you a modest and honest fee, and leave you be. I much prefer the latter!

P.S. - If you search Aurora (or Play Store) for “copy to SIM” you’ll find a number of apps that claim to do this. I haven’t tested any of them.


I also think this way to store and import contacts is a bit outdated however it seems there are apps who can probably help


It required SIM cards to have some user-writable storage (the presence and size of which depends on the carriers’ good will), and was indeed common back in the day because it was about the only way to transfer contacts. Nowadays this method has become marginal, and many SIMs don’t even bother having that user-writable space anymore. Besides, you’d lose your contacts if you change your SIM for some reason (breakdown, need for a different form factor, whatever).

The best way to handle contact data is indeed to export them into a generic “contacts” file (.vcf), which about all programs (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux) can read.
This also allows you to have a backup, in case something untoward happens to your phone…

Once you have that new “contacts.vcf” file on your old phone, transfer it somehow into your new phone (using cloud, USB cable, Bluetooth, whatever you like), and then, on your new phone, you’ll just have to select “import” and you’re set. It is very easy.


Yes, but only a name and a number, no address, birthday, email and so on. And only limited number of letters for the name, so making copies oft contacts with the computer, for example with MyPhoneExplorer makes more sense.


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