How to make the bluetooth audio signal louder (100% is not loud with my bluetooth speaker)?

Hi, I have a speaker which can be used wired or via bluetooth. The speaker is pretty powerful, but when I connect my Fairphone 4 (Android 13) via bluetooth it doesn’t reach its potential anywhere close!?

Anyone else experiencing low bluetooth volume at 100%?
I tried an app called ‘Lautstärkeregler GOODEV’ but it doesn’t do anything to the volume.
I also tried enabling/disabling ‘absolute volume control’ in developer options.
So far nothing helped.

Best wishes.

I’m using XBooster - Volume Booster and if you create an EQ preset with all frequencies stronger, it does increase volume at the cost of sound quality.

Another thing to check is the Bluetooth audio protocol used by the speaker. Better speakers offer several codecs like AptX etc and some can result in different output volume.