How to make a screenshot with FP2

does anyone know how to make a screenshot with the FP2? i tried pressing the volume and photo-button simultaneously, but then it only makes a regular photo.

Hi, hold the volume down and the power button -> done
Tested a few seconds ago… :grin:


@kephson been there, done that, no photo …!! :confused:

Strange, it works on my FP2. Did you really hold (not just press) the power button (not the camera button) ?

yep: nothing

I filed your post from “Android 5.1” into “FP2 Help” because it is about a specific problem.

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Hold both buttons together, this should work for you, too… I hope

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Just tested it. It is somewhat difficult. Press both buttons and hold them for a short time

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i did, several times. i only get the volume-notice.


It’s the same like with the Nexus phone, see here:

and then, just like that, it worked. thanks guys for all your responses!
stranger things have happend…


no problem :innocent: