How to lock the bootloader when the process is over?

I installed /e/ OS. (I totally enjoy Fairphone and /e/ both) I think I did wrong at the end. The bootloader is not locked. I don’t know how to lock it NOW ? Must I install the OS again ? In that case, can I save my parameters somewhere ? Or can I do something without installing again ?
My life hasn’t change from the installation 2 months ago, but maybe it is risky to let things like that.
Thank you for your help !

Is this to cover the scenarios where a) you may loose your phone and the finder may try to install a new OS. or b) a friend may physically access you phone and do such.

In a confidential business situation it could help alleviate some concerns, otherwise I wouldn’t worry but no doubt someone will be more helpful :slight_smile:

It’s not a mistake in that sense to leave the bootloader unlocked, but it should be a conscious decision :wink: .

Locking the bootloader (as well as unlocking it) will force a factory reset for security reasons, so you don’t necessarily need to install the OS again, but your data and Apps will get deleted.
A backup of everything important is a good idea (anyway, at any time).

You can lock the bootloader with the phone in Fastboot mode, the manual install guide has this after flashing the OS, with either fastboot flashing lock or fastboot oem lock, depending on the version of the fastboot command you use on your computer.

The user data is encrypted by default. Once you set up a screen lock, this will serve as the necessary decryption method on the phone. Without knowing it, nobody will have access to your data when the screen is locked.
As far as I know, simple loss or theft of the phone with the screen locked will not expose your data, as only a factory reset via recovery mode would make the phone usable again, with your data then safely gone.
A remaining risk is somebody targeting you specifically. They could take your phone unnoticed by you, boot something custom to install some malware, return the phone still unnoticed by you, and then just wait for you to unlock it to either grab your decryption method and/or do whatever with your data afterwards. You have to assess that risk for yourself depending on your circumstances.


You may also want to read this here: Is it insecure to have an unlocked bootloader?

Even with a locked boot loader the FP3 is not as secure as you might think.


Hello everyone,
I thank you a lot for your quick and complete answer in different directions. I had no time and I was not sure about a good understanding because of English.

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