How to listen to itunes library?

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Unfortunately, as I have no average 6 year old child around who can help me, I have spent the past few hours educating myself on how to transfer my itunes library (1 album!) to my Fairphone. I have managed that bit and see the album in my files on the phone, but when I try to play it I see “format not supported”. Do I need to download an app? If so which one? Thanks loads for your help.

I would recommend VLC, which plays a lot of stuff. But, since it’s beta on Android, it also crashes a lot on my FP since the last OS update. (And I’m not alone with this one, it seems.)


It may well be that your album is in the AAC format in your itunes library (albums downloaded from their store or imported from a CD - as the default storage format is AAC and not MP3). The Fairphone music player will readily play back MP3 files. But no worries, iTunes lets you convert any AAC album in your library into an MP3 album (I only know how to do this song by song with a right click though :frowning: ). For the sake of timesaving, you may also wish to change the default importing setting of iTunes (for CDs) i.e. from AAC to MP3.
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Any other music player, which supports AAC should also do the job.

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Back in the day when I used iTunes I used the app Doubletwist because you can exchange music between your Mac and your Android device without a cable. And I assume I used to have a lot of music in iTunes format.

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I’m a bit mystified why AAC files are declared unplayable in the Fairphone Android music player here. I have been able to play all my AAC files (even including my handful of bought AACs) using said music app on my Fairphone from day one (i.e. July 2014). Have I missed anything in the discussion here? :flushed:

I think the hardware does not have the codec built in, so the internal app doesn’t know the format. Third party apps like vlc can just fall back on software decoding. Strains the battery, but works fine.