How to limit data consumption when providing Internet access through a hotspot


When sharing wifi with other devides, Fairphone 3 it is configurated to share 5G. That means, that if a connect my computer to the wifi zone of my PF3 it consumes so many data. I was wondering, if there is any possibility of configurating FP3 to share data in 4G instead of 5G

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Hello. Fairphone 3 doesn’t support 5G so it should always use 4G (if available, otherwise 3G or 2G). Did you actually mean Fairphone 4 (which supports 5G)? Or could you describe the problem in more detail?


Hi DarioL48,
I think we’re confusing two completely different things here.

As I understand, your Wi-Fi hotspot provided by the FP3 is using the 5 GHz (radio frequency) band of Wi-Fi (as opposed to 2.4 GHz).

The FP3 is connected to your network provider’s services using 4G (= 4th generation cellular network technology). As Razem says, the FP3 does not use 5G (fifth generation).

I think you are wishing to reduce the data consumption when using the FP’s hotspot to connect to the Internet. There are ways of doing this, a bit complicated to explain but we can try, if you can confirm that’s what your question is about.

In simple terms, using older technology is not likely to substantially reduce your data costs, if you continue to do the same things with the Internet, it’ll just be slower. If you need to make economies you can set limits to how you use your cellular network provider’s services.


I guess there’s a confusion with all the terms. The FP3 doesn’t support 5G as radio access technology. However it does support 5 GHz wifi which is just another frequency band than the 2.4 GHz wifi.
If you use your phone to provide internet access to your computer then this access point can do this via one of the two frequency bands. For the data consumed by the computer this doesn’t make any difference at all. For this you should check if e.g. Windows update is running (if your connected device is a Windows computer) and which other services are running in the background. I think in Windows there is the option to use a metered wifi which will limit the unnecessary data consumption hopefully.

And now I just saw that while I was writing there was a similar reaction already, maybe having it said in other words still helps…


Ok, sorry for the confussion. I am not very good at technology issues.

Yes, it is what @OldRoutard says: i want to reduce my consumption of data. With the same computer and programs I used to use FP2 and just consume 4Gb for some things I used to do. When I changed into FP3, that data summed up to 15Gb. And I don’t really understand why. I thought it was the 5G because it appears a 5 in the sign of sharing wifi. I know understand is the frecuency. Thanks for that.

But if you can help me how to reduce the ammount of data consumed my computer (yes, it is a Windows) i will be grateful

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That’s only in your hands, so just do nothing, that consumes a lot of data. Maybe an update of the operating system was loaded. You can classify the Wifi connection as ‘metered connection’ to prevent Windows from loading big updates.


Well, as Martin said, if you’re using Windows on the PC you’ll need to indicate the FP3’s hotspot as a metered connection.
To do this,

  • go to Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks
  • select the network of your FP3’s hotspot
  • select Properties
  • activate the property Set as metered connection.

There is also a possibility to set a limit to the data usage of Windows using that network.

Apart from that, on the Fairphone itself you can set limits to how much data you use.

  • go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Data usage
  • open the cogged-wheel menu at top right

From here you can use either or both of Set data warning and Set data limit. This latter lets you stop using data once you’ve reached the limit you’ve set.


Thank you very much!

For clarity I’ve modified the title of this topic. The original title was, “Is it possible to share wifi 4g with fairphone 3”.


Ok. That will create less confussion.
I will let you know how the new configuration works. Thank you

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