How to know if the problem is the screen or behind?

My FP2 fell and has a problem: the screen is not broken but I can barely use it. How to be sure that I just have to change the screen? It might also be something behind it, right? How to know what piece to order?

And if it IS the screen, is it correct that it’s 85,5 euros to change it???!!! it seemes apallingly expensive to me. Isn’t there just a new screen to get shipped?

Compared with similar sized smartphones, the price for a replacement display for the Fairphone 2 is actually modest to average.

I don’t know where you live, but if there is any chance that you can find another Fairphoner near you, might want to test if your screen works with her/his FP2 so you can narrow down whether it’s your screen or the phone itself that is faulty.


Also, if any piece of your FP2 is faulty, you won’t have to pay anything because of the warranty! :slight_smile:

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