How to know 3d hubs beforehand

Is there any way I can see the available 3d printing hubs for the Fairphone cases?

Can any of the 3d printed cases buyers let me know if they are happy with the product??

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I guess buyers of 3D printeds cases can tell you whether they’re satisfied or not, but in the end it will depend on the printer it’s printed on. In any case, if you buy your case through Fairphone shop and get it printed via 3DHubs printers, you can be sure you’ll get some quality work as the printers must go through some tests. You’ll find more details on 3DHubs’ blog :



I have just received my case, printed at a 3D hub in London. It fits nicely, but now that it is on I don’t think it will be easy (or even possible!) to remove it again without breaking it, as the plastic is quite rigid.

So, for now I am very happy with it, but if I ever need to change the SIM or battery I will have a problem.

Hi, I had a “Manifesto” case printed by Christian’s hub in Karlsruhe, who is the closest to Rhein-Main in Germany. Service was great, including responsiveness and delivery time.
At first I was surprised about the rigidity of the PLA material.
It took me two small flat screwdrivers to get the FP out of the case again. This is probably not the recommended way to do it because the two ‘teeth’ of plastic at the top of the case might break easily.
Nevertheless, the phone came off the case smoothly and the case is also still in one piece.
So it seems that the case will do its job in protecting the FP in case of dropping it accidentally.

All the best,