How to install new font of my FP4 (OpenDyslexia & Co)

I’ve been trying to install fonts on my FP4 since my Girlfriend is dyslexic and is having trouble reading from the Phone.
I already found a font and the Installation on Windows PCs is very easy, but for Android phone and the FP4 things are quite different.

by now, i’ve came across different apps and Youtube Tutorials for Android Devices at all.
But espacially the Videos where mostly for samsung galaxy or for a quite old version (Kitkat 4.0 or similar)

Is there a way to install fonts on the fairphone 4. preferable without root

Without root ?

What font are you wanting to use?

we thought of OpenDyslexic. it’s a font designed for dyslexic people.
without root, as far it’s possible (which might be not possible that way, i know), since we have to use that on a phone mid-use and we don’t have a backup phone if sth goes wrong.

Got me looking :slight_smile: and I am dyslexic too, but that is a wide range of reading issues

Have you seen

Scientific studies

Two small studies have investigated the effect of specialized fonts used with students with dyslexia. Rello and Baeza-Yates (2013) measured eye-tracking recordings of Spanish readers (aged 11–50) with dyslexia and found that OpenDyslexic did not significantly improve reading time nor shorten eye fixation.[15] In her master’s thesis, Leeuw (2010) compared Arial and Dyslexie with 21 Dutch students with dyslexia and found OpenDyslexic did not lead to faster reading, but may help with some dyslexic-related errors.[16]

In its “dyslexia-friendly style guide”, the British Dyslexia Association recommends using “sans serif fonts, such as Arial and Comic Sans, as letters can appear less crowded”, adding that “alternatives include Verdana, Tahoma, Century Gothic, Trebuchet, Calibri, [and] Open Sans.”[17]

Not that any other font would be useful if it can’t be installed :frowning:

I haven’t done this myself, but at least it should work on modern Android versions: How to install fonts on Android the easy way - Android Authority


gave it a try but mentioned App (zFont3) doesn’t support Fairphone.
But it offers me, that i can create a flashable magisk font Module as you can see in my screenshot down below


I’ve also been looking at how to install OpenDyslexic to my phone, with Atkinson Hyperlegible (Download the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font | Braille Institute)

Libby (library ebook app) seems to have OpenDyslexic to use within the app, but it doesn’t seem to be available for the rest of the system.

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