How to install AuroraServices without unlocking boot loader (no root)

I’ve installed LineageOS 17.1 for MicroG on my FP3 and locked the boot loader. After that, I’ve installed the Aurora package manager from F-Droid. To use it in a decent way, I’d like to install the Aurora sevices - but this requires the device to be rooted (it’s not) or to unlock the boot loader, which would result in total data loss.
So here’s my question:
Is there any way to install these services without root or AND without unlocking the boot loader?
Or - as backup solution - is there a way to safely backup and restore all my data, apps and settings on the device in case I would have to unlock the boot loader (without root).
Thanks in advance

No. That’s all the point of having a locked bootloader, it prevents such actions. And BTW., root requires an unlocked bootloader anyway (on the FP3 at least).

Hard to find. Perhaps give seedvault a try, I think it’s integrated into Lineage. Go in Settings→System→Backup.
Though I haven’t tested it thoroughly and can’t tell you if it’s good enough. It seems some apps can’t be backed up. But still better than nothing!

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Thanks for your reply!
So it might be better to keep the boot loader unlocked if you want to use a costom ROM. Otherwise you have to completely setup your device from scratch with any major system update.

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