How to install android apps on Sailfish OS


I have just installed Sailfish OS alpha 2 and can’t find the android support nor can I install an apk file. Does anybody know how i can install android apps?

Thanks for your support!

There is no Android-Support yet, so it won’t work. :sweat:

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will there be one in the next time, or do i have to install another version?
which one is the best choice?

I’m not familiar with SFOS on the FP2 very much, but maybe @freibadschwimmer can help here? :wink:

If Sailfish OS will be officially supported by Jolla and Fairphone, it will get support for Android apps. That step was announced by them, but we do not know when this step will be done.

So the android support for sailfish os on fairphone is not available for all versions of sailfish os. Am i right?

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Only if Jolla licenses SFOS to FP, and that is not the case atm.

okay, thanks guys! :smiley:

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