How to install android 9 Pie on FP2?

Hi, a while back some FP2s had android 9 ‘Pie’ installed, according to this article:

but this has never appeared in my aboutPhone > Updater in Settings;
my phone’s still on 7.1.2 !!

How do I upgrade to android v9, or to 8 if v9 isn’t available now?



This upgrade has still to be officially released by Fairphone. Right now it is still in beta status.

Fairphone OS 19.11.2 (Android 7.1.2) is still the most recent official release.


…and for how long do you think? It still works fine for me, as I don’t need any special apps - the only one that would refuse Android 7 is the e-banking app of UBS, but I don’t use it on my main FP2 with Open OS 19.11.2 - all other apps still work fine.

Is there any other important security issue with Android 7 ?

Thanks for a hint.

I really don’t know, sorry.

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Fine, then there is none that is known so far :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, look at the security bulletins:
there are just no fixes for Android 7 since November 2019 anymore.

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Well, are there any known serious security problems with all the users who still use an ordinary FP2? And there’s a lot of them. I haven’t heard of any and personnally experienced none.

Just look at all the serious issues, that are fixed in newer versions. These are potentially open in Android 7 and older.

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