How to install an eSIM on a FP4 with LineageOS?

The title basically says it all: I am travelling abroad soon and bought an eSIM from Nomad. When trying to add it to my phone however, pressing the + icon next in the Network & Internet settings doesn’t do anything. After some searching I found the OpenEUICC Magisk module and installed it. However, after scanning the eSIM qr code with the app, I get “Failed to download eSIM”. How do I fix this?

I know it doesn’t solve your problem, but I’ll just mention that I installed an eSIM yesterday on my FP4 running CalyxOS with zero issues.

I did that at the phone shop because I had never installed an eSIM before, and I didn’t know whether CalyxOS would crap out attempting to do so. So I figured if anything went wrong, I’d be on site to get a new physical SIM rightaway and not miss calls.

The lady told me to remove my existing physical SIM, connect to their WiFi, then go into the SIM menu, tap the +'sign and choose “Add SIM”. The phone immediately downloaded something from their WiFi, then the QR code scanner thing popped up. I scanned the code on the lady’s screen and it was done. Just like that, no drama.


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