How to insert a sim-card...? (and how to get it out?!)

To me it was not obvious how to insert the sim card (cannot find it in manuals or in video’s). Anyway - I put it in wrongly and badly so.
Pity I cannot upload a photo. I inserted the card in ‘landscape’ mode and the numbers on the back of the card are just visible - rest of the card slid under the lid. The phone does not see the card, so I wanted to remove it again. Which does not work. Actually, trying to remove it, I bent back the small copper pins (that keep it place). Hopefully, I have done no irrecoverable damage?!

Anyway: is there any suggestion on how to remove the card?
And: did I overlook: is there really no description at all on how to properly insert the card?

Here is a video from Fairphone.

I think you overlook.
When you put the SIM card in, you can see a drawing of SIM card 1 and SIM card 2, telling you how you must inserte it.
Also in the leaflet “what’s is my box”, which comes with the phone, on page 5 there is a picture which shows the SIM card. I must say it’s small, and you have to look good, but it’s there.

The FP2 requires a Micro-SIM and there is no way you can force it in “in landscape mode”. So I guess you inserted a Nano-SIM (which is about as long as a Micro-SIM is wide). This will not work. You need to get an adapter or a new SIM.

Thanks all. Yes, I overlooked quite badly and I had a too small SIM card.
Luckily I (actually my much more patient partner) managed to remove it. Now it is functioning properly