How to hide certain objects in the FP2 menu?

I’m looking for a way to hide (without UNinstalling) certain menus in the FP2!

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Which menu do you mean? You mean apps?
If you want to hide preinstalled apps you can disable them in Settings > Apps.
Other apps can only be uninstalled.

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Maybe you could use a custom launcher which has that capability

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Thank you for telling me how to disable apps.
BUT I would prefer to JUST make them invisible!

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Well in that case it’s probably best to try what @Stanzi suggested above.

@Stanzi, thank you for your advice, I had a quick look already,
I need time to look through the available apps to find the best one.

I just wander why this is on the 2er no longer a build-in menu-point!
Like it was on FP1.

I don’t remember the ability to hide apps. For a while Fairphone had it’s own launcher where apps were sorted in active and idle and I believe you could pin apps to stay in the active section.
But that launcher was introduced with FP2 and just later backported to FP1’s 4.4 alpha.
Anyways if that is what you are looking for you can follow the process of releasing the launcher as an app on F-Droid here:

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I have now a good example:

I’m using “a Calender+” and they also install "aCal+ Tasks"
if I tray now to remove/uninstall the "…Tasks"
it always ask me, if I wanna uninstall the whole “…a…”.

But I JUST wanna remove the “…Task” thing!

This is just an example. Where HIDE would be handy.

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See here for some #launchers

I’m using now atom.launcher:

I’m quite happy.

I don’t know that app, but the only app I ever used that had more than one icon in the list had an option in the app’s setting to hide the individual icons.

I’m using now atom.launcher,
It has everything I’m missing on FP2!
hiding and helpful of apps. and so far, it’s free.

Christian, that is simple. You pick the app you want to hide and drag it to above. You can choose for trash or for delete. You choose delete and than it’s not longer on your startscreen. Good luck

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