How to get automatically Data in roaming? (APN config)

Hi !
Usually I use only 4G Data on my home network (in Belgium), however as I’m traveling through Europe this month (NL then Italia), I paid for a “International Data plan” (it was 5€ for 250Mo).
Today I’m in the Netherlands, turning data on (and ticking “use data when roaming” in the settings) was not sufficient to get a data connection… I had to search (on the hotel wifi) for the APN of KPN NL ( and, once configured and activated, hourrah I’m online !
My question is : do I have to search beforehand for all the possibles APN in the country I’ll be traveling, or is there an easiest way to do?

You might be interested in this:

I have not heard from an automatic way. Some mobile broadband network operators send their configuration directly to the phone on request, but I think that is a service they offer only for their own customers in their home country.


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