How to get (almost) all trains and buses in Europe with Transportr (FOSS public transport app)

I just discovered a simple “trick”, that allows you to get almost all trains, buses and trains in Europe in one shot:
Simply use “Germany”, “Deutsche Bahn” as Transport Network! Dont get irritated that it says “Most of Germany” - I think it should say “Most of Europe”.
Transportr seems to use the same API as the official closed source “DB Navigator” app. I always loved DB Navigator as it got me even the Scottish trains! The DB website even won prices for the loads of information it provides about public transport. Being now “Google free” I was looking for alternatives and discovered this little “secret”.


Thanks for that tip!
I had always used Transportr since I bought the FP1, but lately it didn’t work with “Wiener Linien”.
Now with “Deutsche Bahn” I get directions to Vienna’s City Center right away.
They are a bit strange - I never used the express train to get to Karlsplatz (one more changeover and very long intervals), but at least it works.

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Where can I find the Transportr app that you mean?
I am looking for a transport app which doesn’t need the google playstore.

F-Droid of course :wink:


In the “Directions” window click on the top-right symbol (looks like arrow up / arrow down), and you are able to choose your means of transport. So if you want only buses, you can uncheck all other options.
It’s fun to play with: I just got 33h journey time with zillions of changes to go from Berlin to Dundee by regional train only :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting… But do you also get information on current delays, the way you would in a proprietary app? (The Swiss Railway App used to work on my Google-free phone but recently, it didn’t any more. And I don’t like the new version anyway…)

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Same for Austrian ÖBB. You can enter Edinburgh - Vienna and it will tell you a travel time of about 25-26 hours. :wink:

@paulakreuzer 1.1.6 changelog says “Fixed some German and Austrian networks”. Maybe Wiener Linien work again.

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For the trains here in NL, the DB as well as NS data sources show the delays accurately. Neither data source shows buses here, though.

That DB has data for most of Europe, is because they maintain the Hafas system which is used for planning international train journeys. The international websites of many train operators in Europe are actually just front-ends to Hafas with a booking system added.


Not working for Spain, though. Maybe Barcelona, but not Madrid, definitely.

I want to use Transportr, but as Metro (subway) and Cercanías (train) networks don’t have open data, I can only use the bus network, which, unfortunately, doesn’t fill all our Madrid citizen needs, :frowning:

BTW, Transportr uses the transport data, so any other app that feeds from the same source (like Öffi) will technically benefit from this trick you disclosed, :wink:

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For German rail transport “Die Bahn” I get these informations.

Thanks! I don’t know yet whether that works for Switzerland (our trains don’t run late that often :smiley:). But looking up schedules seems to work real well, including buses and trams in Geneva.

One thing is weird, though: when the screen goes off (or when I turn it off by pressing the power button) and the last app I used (and left open) is transportr, the phone doesn’t lock: pressing the power button will wake up the screen and I’ll be back in the app without entering my code. Does yours do that too? How can I change it? Thanks!

I just tested it and I can confirm the behaviour. Interestingly it only happens when a route is displayed. The phone locks fine with just the start - destination dialog open.
I can see that the issue is already listed on transportr’s github issue tracker:
It looks as it is meant to be a feature with ONLY transportr drawing its output above the lockscreen. I notice that the moment I try to leave transportr, or click on one of the icons in the list, the lockscreen actually pops up. There is a request to include a setting to disable this behaviour (see my comment on github).

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You’re right! I hadn’t notices that the screen does lock “behind” the transportr results. But I don’t see the use of this feature. So thanks for your comment on the github thread!

I think the idea is to have your route always visible - even when you are in a hurry changing trains with no time to punch in PINs or passwords.

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Makes sense, now that you say so… :slight_smile:

[quote=“M_Dammer, post:15, topic:25371”][quote=“Linda_CH, post:14, topic:25371”]
But I don’t see the use of this feature
I think the idea is to have your route always visible - even when you are in a hurry changing trains with no time to punch in PINs or password

I sounds as a very bad weakness of Android OS, if any app is able to override or bypass security settings like a lock screen.

It’s not like that. Apps like that need to be started with the phone unlocked and are then available while the phone is locked as long as they are open. No normal app can bypass the lockscreen without the users input.

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If I understood well, the app prevents the phone to be locked if the user presses the power button. And this looks to me as overruling the security mechanism of the phone, I would expect that everytime I press the power button the phone is locked (if configured to do so).

No the phone is locked, you can only access this one app before unlocking.