How to get a repair/replacement under warranty

Dear Community,

This July 31st my Fairphone 2, which I owned since December 2015, has stopped working rather spontanously. Given that it still is within the two year warranty granted by Fairphone, I immediatly opened a ticket asking for instructions on how to send it in for repair. I received two messages in response, on August 9th and September 22nd. Neither message provided me with any instructions on how to send in the phone (Address, packaging, etc.), but rather suggested a few things I should try to self-repair. To both messages I responded on the very same day, explaining in detail the result of the proposed methods if they were possible at all, and explaining in slightly less detail why I did not calibrate or update the OS software (since the Phone does not function at all …)

Now it has been another four weeks without any kind of response to my latest message. Since time on the warranty is running out, I’m beginning to suspect that I will never get my Fairphone 2 repaired, and will have to throw away the hardware after less than 2 years of use. This is rather sad, as it strongly contradicts the original Idea of a phone with a reduced ecological footprint.

So my question would be, has anybody gone through the same problems and found a way to get a repair on warranty? Is it worth an attempt to just throw the Phone and an error description into a package and send it to their Amsterdam Address shown on the homepage?

Calling them speeds things up. Unfortunately it’s the only thing that appears to get things sorted.

I wouldn’t recommend it as:

  • This way you end paying for the shipping
  • Shipping is at your risk
  • Previously it’s taken months to trace and sort packages that were sent unannounced

(Whereas if Fairphone support initiate the return, they arrange for a pickup at their risk and expense, and it progresses through processing by their fulfilment/repair centre a lot faster)


The time of notification is what counts, not the time at which they receive the device, so you should be covered.


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