How to forget a wifi?

hello community,
i changed the password of my home wifi to a more easy one to connect my wifi radio.
but now i cant connect my FP4 because he keeps using the old password.
with my computer i managed to " forget " the wifi, then he window opens to fill in the new password, but with i couldn’t find this option with the FP4;
any suggestions?
tx a lot,


go to settings - network & Internet - Internet. Select the WiFi and click remove.

Best regards Kay

hello Kay,
tx a lot for your fast reply.
but i just can’t find the “remove” button. do you have a printscreen?

I don’t have a screenshot, but on my FP4 in the list of WiFis there’s a cogwheel icon right of the network name. Tapping that takes me to a screen which has a “remove” button.
Alternatively, just long-tap the network name and you’ll get a small context menu where you can also remove the network.

Go to the list of wifi connections, long press the one you want to forget, and press forget (at least that’s how it works on FP5)

You don’t need to forget the Network. After selecting your WiFi, click on the Edit button (pencil icon) in the top right corner of the screen. Now change the password.

problem solved! thank you all for your fast reply;
i don’t know why but after trying many times pressing long the wifi name, suddenly a window opened to put a new password and it managed to connect!
tx again!

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