How to fix the display properly?

Hi, since some weeks ago, my display makes strange things like stripes or double pictures from time to time. I found in the FP-help section that I should open the phone, take off the screen and put it back on. This helps indeed. But I do not like to do that several times a day! And I really try to take care that all the clips are properly in their place and I can hear the clicking noise when putting the screen back on. Still it soon moves again. Is there a trick to really fix it so that it cannot move even the slightest bit?
Thanks for any help

In case it’s not (only) a slightly moving screen as you described: did you also clean the screen contacts?

Thanks for answering! I did not clean anything - there are so many contacts, they look good to me. Which ones should I clean?
But I think it’s a problem of screen position and maybe heat? The effect is worse when the phone is used a little longer.

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