How to find my FP 4 delivery date, after I ordered

I’ve ordered a FP 4 on 19.1.2022.
I’ve seen the estimated delivery date, but unfortunately, didn’t wrote it down, assuming it will be visible on the order confirmation or in my account.

Unfortunately, it isn’t. How can I find the estimated delivery date now ?

It depends on with phone you ordered.
In case of a 128GB - 6GB RAM within 8 weeks.
In case of a 256GB - 8GB RAM within 8 weeks for grey or green.
In case of a 256GB - 8GB RAM within 12 weeks for speckled green.


Thanks !
;-O I’ve ordered the “worst” option…

Do you know if these numbers will come down at some point? I have been waiting to order a FP4 but not with those kinds of wait times, as I don’t know where I will be in 8 weeks time!

On the 18th of January I got a mail from Fairphone to tell me that my phone was on his way.
“Estimated delivery time between: 02/02 - 05/02”

On the 2th of February I received a mail your phone will arrive within 2 - 5 working days with a tracking code of UPS included. I live in de Netherlands.

Edit: It’s almost 6 PM and the Fairphone 4 is in my hands.

You may consider ordering from an official reseller, I have seen people getting a phone very quickly.

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Thank you! Unfortunately the 2 countries I spend most of my time in (Ireland and Italy) aren’t listed. Hopefully the delivery times will come down to a more reasonable length, and I will then be able to order.

Hi you’ll see that many of the resellers ship worldwide, Clove in the UK may be worth contacting. You can call them :slight_smile:

The blue globe denotes international resellers.

| :globe_with_meridians: :shopping_cart: :unlock:| clove ~ |+44 3301 180 686|128GB|£499|

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Thank you very much for the advice!

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