How to find broken module

Hi Guys,

my fairphone 2 does not start currently. if i try to switch it on it just vibrate short an nothing more. it just starts getting quite warm at top of the sim slots. if i put the charge cable into the phone the led in the top left corner of the phone is yellow.

is there any kind of software to check which module is broken? Or have anyone a recommendation which module could be broken.

thanks guys

Because of the vibration, I think that the bottom module is not affected. The display seems to work (at least somehow), and the camera and the top module are as far as I know not necessary for a working phone.
So, if I had to guess, it’s either a software issue or a broken main module… :frowning:

thanks for the fast reply! i think like the same u wrote. now i tried to connect the phone with my computer. i think that works because windows says that it found an android device. so maybe the screen, because after the vibration at the start i can not see the fairphone logo?


Did you try to take the screen off and carefully clean the connectors?
If that doesn’t help you probably have to contact support to get a replacement screen.

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