How to fetch restrictions in Xprivacy Pro?

I am sure it is a silly question but for some reason I cannot figure it out. I have Xprivacy, i bought a Pro licence and I am happily using Xprivacy manually setting permissions every time I install a new app. However, I would like to be able to fetch restrictions to speed up the process. As far as I know, I am supposed to go to menu -> operations -> fetch restrictions -> check clear and ok. However tnis seems to only clear the restrictions, i. e. next time i use the application I am asked te manually set all the restrictions again. What do I miss?

Have a look hier (57) How does Expert mode work?. Maybe find you a answer.

Thanks for your answer, I am starting to think ti might depend on the Maximum fetch confidence interval.
For some apps there are only a small number of crowd sourced restrictions; if this number is too small, the confidence interval is to big and therefore XPrivacy refuses to fetch the restrictions.
This is actually a good criterium to choose only safe restrictions, however the problem is that sometimes the apps are duplicated in the database (i.e. two skype entries) and only one of the entries has enough data to be successfully fetched. As you cannot choose from which database entry you want to fetch restrictions, sometimes Xprivacy tries to fetch them from the poor data entry and refuses them. And you end up with no restrictions fetched at all.
This looks like an XPrivacy issue rather than a Fairphone’s but, am I the only one experiencing this issue?

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