How to extend lockscreen timeout delay?


When the Fairphone is already locked, and I push on the power button to bring the screen on (to check the time, or unlock it, or read a notification, …), the screen turns off again after less than 5 seconds. Barely time to do anything.

How can this delay be extended, so that I have 20-30 seconds before the screen goes black again?

Also, when the Alarm goes on (from the basic Clock app), the alarm screen stays on for about 3 seconds then turns off (alarm stays on), so that, when awaking in the morning I first have to push the power button to turn the screen on, then silence the alarm.

I guess the two issues are related, that’s why I put them in one post.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Go to the app Settings, Display, Sleep and choose there 30 seconds for instance.

Hi Lidwien,

Thanks for your answer. The solution you provided is regarding the timeout before the screen locks.

As I emphasized in my post, my question is about the timeout when the screen is already locked and you turn it on by pressing the power button. I couldn’t find any setting for this.

My temporary fix is to install Echo Lockscreen, which has a setting for this. But I would like to not have to use a third party app.

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If it’s just about reading the notifications you can unlock the phone and swipe from top down and see the notifications too. And then you’ll have longer to read them.

I don’t think there is a setting for what you want (with the default lockscreen).

Thanks Paul, yes indeed I could do that.

But it is very unconvenient. Furthermore, it’s not only about notifications. Take the example of the alarm clock that I wrote. When it rings, the screen stays on for 3 seconds, then turns to black again, and I have to push the power button to wake it up, then quickly swipe the alarm to turn it off. That doesn’t sound like normal behaviour to me.

Thanks anyway for the answer!