How to export files to pc

I want to export (downloaded) files , not pictures. But any attempt to copy files is useless.
(F ph 4)

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What exactly are you trying with which computer and which Fairphone and how are they connected?

I try to copy pdf from Fph 4 to my pc (Windows 7), connected by Data-cable. I can copy pictures, but no other files. If I try, it seems to start, but even after minutes a 30 kb files is not transferred.

So you can see the files, but can‘t copy them?

On your phone, connected to the PC, go to Settings > Connected devices > USB > and in USB preferences, choose “File transfer” (instead of PTP).

On the PC, open a Windows (file) Explorer window. Under “This PC” you will see the FP4 and within, choose “Internal shared storage” or the SD card if you have one. You can copy files just as if they were on a normal USB drive.

For a small number of files, I use Telegram.
I have it installed on both PC and mobile and just share the file to the “saved messages” (not sure about the translation) thread.

No cable, fast.


Yes, for the odd file it’s convenient certainly (I use the “Note to self” in Signal).
But I think we’re talking ordered collections of documents here.

The phone to PC connection sometimes behaves strangely, try another USB port, preferably without a hub in between…
If the phone is also connected via Wlan, you can also try it with a FTP server on the phone.
On the phone install e.g. the file manager Amaze, on the PC nothing else is necessary, the file explorer supports the ftp protocol…
If there are not too many files, then I would send myself the files by eMail…

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Thats what I did, And it starts to copy, but never succeeds with the smalest file.

I am using the total commander to transfer files from or to pc. The app can use wlan, transfer files using ftp or smb protocol. So it can access any shared folder on my pc. There is no need to use usb…

If you’re familiar with adb (Android debug bridge) you can use it’s pull command. It’s kind of cumbersome but comes in handy when you want to automate things by scripting …

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