How to exit 'developer options'?

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We managed to solve a problem with the sound volume of our FP3+ through developer options (tapping 10 times on the build-number in setting). How do we EXIT the developer rights? Former answers (speaking of a simple switch) don’t seem to apply to the FP3+

Thank you for any help with this.

Fleur & Bart

Hello @leonardvandewalle Welcome to the forum.
If you click on developer options you will see the list of options. At the top - see screenshot. (It is in German, but the order in English or Dutch is the same).


Dear FP colleague

Thank you for your quick and efficient solution!

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Bart & Fleur


@leonardvandewalle I was quite curious what that option was you had modified. Because maybe it can help to tweak the sound of the phone a bit.

There’s an option to disable absolute volume but if refers to bluetooth ?? which I use though I don’t often use bluetooth.

I guess that is the option that @leonardvandewalle had changed. When I use a headset it is one via USB OTG. So no need to change that option for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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