How to erase data on a FP2 with a broken touchscreen

Very useful tips here ! Thank you !
What please can I do to erase the data, or to be sure they can’t be used by anyone if the screen is broken ?

Depends on how broken the screen exactly is.

If you only lost touchscreen functionality, you can connect a mouse (and keyboard, but hardly necessary in this case) with a USB OTG adapter and navigate the phone just fine.

If you can’t see anything anymore on it, tough luck, you would have had to set up some screen mirroring tool before that happens. Or some remote erase measure (mainly intended for after-theft situations), there are services offering that.
However, you could try to find #fairphoneangels in your vicinity who could help you out with a working screen to let you erase your phone.


Thank you very much ! I’ll search about an fairphoneangel !


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