How to enter PUK code when SIM is already locked


When the phone starts, it tells me that my SIM card is locked and that I have to call my service provider for the PUK code. I can not skip this screen. The only way to start the phone is to remove the locked SIM card. But then I can not unlock it with the PUK code.

Have you actually called your service provider and asked for the PUK? :wink:

Yes I have the PUK code.


also i saved a Screenshot where I should input my pin. You cannot close this dialog. Also the sim card is working in an other phone.

What happens, if you type in your PIN/PUK?

Of course I tried to enter my pin as well as my puk

So you cannot get passed this screen, even if the PUK is valid?

Can you outline steps to reproduce this unexpected behaviour?

It doesn’t matter what code I enter it says wrong code please contact your provider

Yeah, I got that. But what have you done before this happened? Are the following steps to reproduce this correct?

  1. Turn on phone.
  2. Enter wrong PIN for three times.
  3. Phone asks for PUK.
  4. PUK cannot be entered. SIM lock cannot be dismissed.

Is it possible, that you entered a wrong PUK ten times? Then, the SIM is completely locked and only your provider can unlock it.

OK first things first, Problem solved.
Now what happend.
I contacted the Network provider. They told me the card were not blockt neither the puk has not to be entered.
I went to a provider store they tested the simcard on an other phone and it works fine.
Next we removed the sim pin withe the shops phone. After this the simcard could be used without entering a pin.
When the simcard was put back in the fairphone the phone loged in the provider network as aspected. Final step was to reenter a simpin and everything went back to normal.

Thanks 4 your Help


@An_Mel does that work for you too?

@paulakreuzer an_mel entered the topic for me.

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