How to enable shortcuts for keyboard?

Hi all,
trying to find out how to get the shortcuts for keyboard to work. I typed in what I’d like to be replaced while typing (language and input/ keyboards/ corrections/ my dictionary). For example CU should be replaced by See you while typing.

And still it’s not working. Do I need to enable this somehow?
Hope you can help me here.
Many thanks in advance!

Nice idea. So you have seen something similar like this on other phones?
Maybe there was an appropriate app installed?

Yes I have seen it on iPhone. Maybe you’re right and there was a certain app installed. But why would it say “my dictionary” on Fairphone and let you create shortcuts for your “own” words there when the shortcuts then don’t work?!
Fairphone support itself couldn’t help me with this, said I should ask the forum if anyone else had encountered such a problem…

There are Android manuals and guides on the net. Try and search for one in which such details may be explained.

GBoard doesn’t automatically replace the shortcut. Instead, when you type the shortcut, the full phrase will show up as (usually the primary suggestion) in the bar of suggested words just above the keys. It will replace the shortcode with the full phrase when you tap the suggested phrase. I don’t recall Google providing an option for automatic replacement.
As far as I know, the settings you mention will only work for GBoard (which appears to be default for most people). If you’re using a different keyboard, you’ll have to check it’s settings to see whether it supports shortcuts.

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Thanks everyone for your helpful answers. I think Android doesn’t support the replacement as I wish it, so I’ll have to go with whatever is provided :wink:

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