How to enable "OEM unlock" on FP2 with Open OS 19.08.1


I wanted to give Ubuntu Touch another try. The ubports-installer asks for activating “USB debugging” and “OEM unlock” in the Developer options (in German: Entwickleroptionen).

USB debugging is no problem, but I don’t find the “OEM unlock” neither in the settings nor in the developer options.

Any hints? Thanks!

I’m pretty sure this is a wrong instruction in the ubports installer. The FP2 does not need “OEM unlock” as the bootloader is unlocked by default.

Might be related to this issue:

My assumption is: that person wasn’t able to complete the installation because one of the various other reasons the installer might fail.

I suggest to just use the latest 0.2.7 installer, ignore that message about oem unlock and see if it works.

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The Fairphone 2 has an unlocked bootloader by default, so there is no need for this option, so it isn’t there. You can safely ignore this step.

(I told them already, but although they really made an effort to change the instructions according to my other findings, they kept the unnecessary OEM unlock in the instructions, why ever.)

@ænotherElk: Thanks for this!

But the Problem is also, that the ubport installer will not recognise the FP2. Enable root access?

If the installer doesn’t work, just use the “manual installation instructions” from the device page …

Thanks, I did so, but the device is still not recognized, while it is shown on the desktop of my computer :-o

At which step of the manual instructions exactly, and which OS are you using on the computer?

I use LinuxMint 19.2 Xfce.

When I press the button “manual installation instructions” and then choos “Fairphone 2” it asks me to connect the device, but nothing happens - while the device is shown like a drive on the desktop.

Ingo: Thanks for this, but I use exactly that version 0.2.7.

Maybe you can find some hints here: ✏ Installing Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone 2

For some reasons, installation can fail for so many reasons, it’s hard to find a clear path to getting it installed.

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Thanks! I will have a closer look this afternon.

You write: " Connect your phone with USB Debugging enabled to your PC/Mac and it should show a dialog asking for permission. Confirm that with OK and check the “Always allow from this computer” checkbox."

I don’t even get this dialog, the phone only shows up on my computer when I additionnally activate the file transfer option.

Probably I have to restart it in recovery mode first.

Maybe it’s best to join the ubports newcomers room on Telegram, that’s where they provide live support for installing.

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Just to confirm that you removed any previous installation of ubports-installer and installed ubports-installer 0.2.7-beta from mariogrip? Upon Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS no problem recognising device.[UBPorts](

I think you are confusing two things here. What you did is selecting the device manually in the installer (because the installer fails to autodetect for you).

What another Elk means is following the manual installation method described at Fairphone 2 • Old Releases • Ubuntu Touch

It is the fist time I installed ubports installer - two years ago you had to take another way to install ubuntu touch. So there is no other previous installation of ubports. Fact is, the installer does not recognize the device. So it’s useless to continue, I have other things to do.

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