How to download voicemails

Is it possible to download voicemail messages from FP3 to a computer? If so, how?

The availability of such a service will depend on the network operator.
Bear in mind that voicemail messages are not stored on the phone. Visit your operator’s website, signing in. You may be able to listen to your voicemails and possibly download them1.

Alternatively there are apps which let you record telephone conversations.2

1[Edit: I just checked my own provider. The website provides a means of listening to voicemails and they can be downloaded using a feature provided by the browser.]

2[Edit: as pointed out below by AnotherElk you should only use recording software to record phone calls if this is allowed in your country. I have no idea how these laws may apply to voicemail since this is already a recording. A nice legal imbroglio in perspective there! :wink:]


Only install and use those after checking whether this is legal in your respective country :wink: .


Thanks! I thought it would be more of a network thing rather the device, but then found old instructions about how to do just that, so wasn’t sure anymore :slight_smile:

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That’s a very important point, thanks for the reminder!

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