How to download SMS from fairphone to a Mac

i’ve had my fairphone for 6 months now, and i’ve tried to get on with it, but i just can’t. for various reasons i need to go back to an iPhone. please can someone tell me how i can get SMS messages from my phone to my computer? i tried dr.fone, but it wouldn’t recognise the phone. it said i needed the latest version of iTunes, which i already have. all other app downloads, mac-tunesgo, android assistant, and android manager, actually download dr.fone. help, and thanks in advance!

the phone is a fairphone 2, and the Mac is an iMac running OS.10.12 Sierra.

What about this one or have you found already?

Almost certainly you would need Android File Transfer for Mac installed to recognise Android phone:

thanks. i was hoping to avoid paying for something i’m only ever going to use once, but will if i have to.

it says " Requirement: Mac OS X v10.7 - 10.14 macOS Sierra". well, OS 10.14 is not Sierra, it’s Mojave. if they make such a simple mistake on their website, can i trust their software? do you have any experience of it?

i do have Android File Transfer, and it works fine for transferring photographs, videos and sound recordings, so does recognise the phone. but i can’t use it to transfer texts, i don’t think.

You don’t mention whether using Standard Fairphone OS or Open OS on your FP2, so don’t know whether anything G$$gle is a no-no for you or indeed whether iPhone is already in your possession. As running IOS 10.14.3 Mohaje upon my iMac not much point in me downloading trial software to establish connectivity, that said however Google route would make transfer a lot simpler and cheaper for you.

thanks. It’s the standard Fairphone OS, and i can sign in to Goggle if i have to. i do have the iPhone, and i’ve already set it up and copied the contacts and calendar from my computer. i tried the app Move To iOS on my fairphone, but it wasn’t working for me, it refused to connect to the iPhone! so how can i do it via Goggle then, please?

Unfortunately you must use “Move to iOS” on a fresh iPhone install/setup, not afterwards as here, which may account for the failure:

thanks. no, i realise that, this was before. now it’s set up, and i’ve got my new SIM, i just needed to get the texts off of my fairphone before i sell it.

the SMS Export page no longer exists, but SMS Backup & Restore seems to have done the job, touch wood, and created an xms file. now i just need to find a way of getting them onto my iPhone. :slight_smile:

Horrible feeling this is becoming a “Catch22” situation to make use of this .xml due to way iOS uses an sms.db to flag messages; commercial software such as this example makes point of supporting “Popular Android” devices of which FP2 is hardly one.

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thanks, but i’m afraid you’ve lost me now, i don’t know what any of that means. re. that app, it costs money, and as i’d only ever use it once, i’d rather not. i have the texts as an xml file, which means all the data is there, even though it may not be straight forward to get it out. that was all i wanted really. after nearly six months of not having a proper phone, but getting the Fairphone because it pressed all the right environmental and ethical buttons, i now have an iPhone again, which means everything just works! it synchs up seamlessly with my computers. Fairphone, great idea, but implemented appallingly, and Android, nah, don’t make me laugh, it’s really not for me!

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