How to display FP4 screen on Microsoft phone assistant?

I’ve installed Microsoft phone assistant on my FP4.
How can I display my FP4 screen on my laptop?
I was able to do so with my Samsung phone but the “Phone screen” option is not available with my FP4…
Thanks a lot for your help

I don’t know how the app works internally. But if it by any chance uses the bult-in cast functionality, you will probably have to enable wireless displays: Settings → Connected devices → Connection preferences → Cast → three dots → Enable wireless display.

Thanks for your help
I have done what you advised me but my FP says aside the “Cast” option : Not connected
However my phone assistant is launched on my laptop, and the connection is ok for messages, photos and co…

Oh. It seems that the app supports mainly Samsung and Surface devices: Supported devices for Your Phone app experiences. So you are probably out of luck on Fairphone.

As a workaround, you can use the aforementioned cast option. Just install the Connect app on your PC (, open it and then connect to your PC using the Screen Cast action.


If you can’t get any of the Microsoft apps to work, scrcpy provides similar functionality. You just have to enable adb debugging on your phone, no root required.
Works great for me :smiley:


@Razem, you’re right, unfortunately.
Thanks to both of you, @Razem & @hirnsushi for your workarounds !


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