How to disable pop up notifications?

I cannot figure out how to disable pop up notifications. I’m referring to the ones that pop up in the top of the screen whenever you receive a message, for example. They get in the way when you are watching something on fullscreen and they show messages that can be private and you don’t want people to see.

I tried disabling every option I found but I cannot figure out how to disable them without turning notifications off completely. Can somebody help me?

Not 100% sure about the default OS on FP3, but on most Android versions you can: long press the notification, choose ‘all categories’, tap the category you want to change (I mean the category itself, not the on/off toggle next to it) and set it to the desired level. (You don’t want ‘urgent’, by the sounds of it).
Alternatively, the settings app allows changing settings for individual apps too, buried somewhere with an entry for ‘App Notifications’, which brings up a list of apps - tapping an app there brings up the menu with different notification types.

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Long pressing the notification gives me the options “Stop notifications” or “Keep showing”, this turns off both the pop ups and the notifications in the notifications bar, and I only want to turn off the former. I don’t see anything that looks like “categories” or levels…

In the settings of the individual apps I already turned off everything that says “pop up” or things like that, I only have basic notifications turned on.

To me it looks like FP3 makes any notification pop up in the top of the screen by default, since it doesn’t look like it’s the individual apps’ fault…

I assume you are talking about Heads-up notifications. These should be possible to turn off in the individual app’s settings. E.g. for WhatsApp go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > WhatsApp > Advanced > Additional settings in the app and turn off Use high priority notifications. You will have to do this for “Messages” and “Groups”.

For watching videos, you might want to try out Android’s :no_entry: Do not disturb (DnD) feature. You can enable it temporarily in the quick settings (swipe down the status bar). It will hide notifications until you turn DnD off again.