How to disable fast charging mode on FP4

Is it possible to disable the fast charging mode in the settings of the Fairphone 4?
I would like to extend battery life as much as possible, but every time I charge my phone I see the fast charging mode activated.

Thank you.

Why do you think that disabling fast charging would be benefitial for battery life?

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I’ve never seen an option to disable it.
If it is possible, and I think it should, then deepr in the system.

Until you find out how it can be done, give charging it from a computer a try. That should usually result in slow(er) charging.

@oli.sax has experimented with charging the FP4 with various chargers and found that there’s (at least) “charging slowly”, “charging” and “charging rapidly” depending on charger type.


Fairphone actually agrees with @Lazar in a Support article (section 1.5):

Quick charge and fast charge are possible and convenient, but does not extend the lifetime of your battery. Slow charge does.


There isn’t an option to disable fast charging in the settings like on some other phones.

If your phone is rooted you can install something like acc (or the nicer GUI frontend AccA). That will allow you to limit charging current / voltage, max. temperature, max. capacity and a lot more.
I use it to charge my battery slow and never over 80%.


Another option is to use an old charger and an old usb cable. then the phone connot charge fast :wink:


So Fairphone sells a charger that is bad for the battery of their phone? Either the information from the article is wrong or the decision to sell this charger is.

The battery is not the focus so yes the charger is for the user. Poor battery what they have to put up with.

The user must weight the cost of another battery/environment against their own convenience and after all isn’t a phone just about convenience?

Thank you everyone for your answers.
I didn’t buy a Fairphone charger with my FP4. I use an old charger instead but when I plug my phone the fast charging mode is still active.
I tried using another charger with an output current of 1A and it works.

I guess we can not disable the fast charging mode (for the moment?) but if we use a charger with a low output current (around 1A), the phone simply cannot charge fast.
@FairphoneHulk to be more precise I would say to use a charger with a low output current, not necessarily old :slight_smile: - same for the cable : not necesarily old as the current comes from the charger :wink:

@hirnsushi unfortunately my phone is not rooted so I guess I cannot install acc or AccA, but thank you for the information! Anyway I would love to be able to change charging settings like you. Is there any other application on the Google Play Store that could allow me to do that?

Fairphone also removed the mini-jack plugs from its phones to impose wireless headphones, which is bad for the battery but convenient and attractive to some people.

And yes, lithium-ion batteries have a short life if improperly charged!

No, that is not the reason, see this video


Pretty sure if you want to mess with charging routine, you need to invalidate the warranty by rooting.

On the charging issue only a QC4 compatible charger should communicate with the phone for a really quick charge.

I would say that’s your opinion, or do you have any evidence

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Fairphone is a business. They can’t bear the cost of losing clients just because the phone doesn’t charge rapidly when required.

However I agree with others here that an option to limit rate and maximum charge level, without having to root the phone, would be very welcome. However it’s not exactly difficult to achieve without : just use a lower-power charger, as suggested by Urs, and a timer-switch to cut off automatically.


Quite right. It’s perfectly possible to use wired headphones, you just need to pick up a USB-C - to - jack adapter. This has been discussed elsewhere in the forum.

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I agree, using a lower-power charger is not difficult to limit charging rate, but I’m not sure about the timer-switch :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Do you know for sure the charging rate of your battery with a given charger? Is the charging rate linear?

My bad, I didn’t know they explained the reason in a video @Discostu36 @FairphoneHulk
Having to carry a USBC - Jack adapter in addition to headphones is not really practical to be honest @OldRoutard


It’s not as big as a Red Bull can, keep it connected to the headphones and you won’t notice it.


Well I can recommend it (electronic, not one of those old things with little plastic “DIPs” to shove). I just press a button and the phone gets 45’ at 1A. Nothing simpler !