How to delete unwanted videos and stop getting new ones?

Google doesn’t stop sending me unwanted videos despite:
Settings > Notifications > “Device & app notification” > “Not allowed” > “Google Play services”
There is one active app (how to see its name) which I can’t stop showing me a incredible long series of videos and I can’t stop, or get rid, of them.

Q1. How to definitely STOP that active app?

Even after a reboot it remains. Each video in that app has a vert. 3-dot menu with:

  1. “Hide this” > I just get the main screen but it remains when I swipe to the right or look but NOT when I tap the square to see all running apps. Or is it the one with a big rainbow triangle pointing to the right? When I click on it I get other unwanted /dirt/time wasters & internet consuming activity, like publicity for books.
  2. “About this source & topic” > “No app found to open link.”
  3. “Report this” > nothing happens
  4. “Send feedback” ¡¡¡¡¡where i expressed all my frustration, but they all still remain… even after 5 days of reporting!!!
    I also asked the Google community but I get no reply. Maybe because i just ask to stop.
    It are also always the same 2 videos coming on top. And I bet that even if I can delete one, other takes its place, because when I scroll there are zillions other below!!!

Q2. How to abord [= to definitively STOP a current (running or waiting) app? … until next time it is started up]

Thanks for helping me.

ADDENDUM: I’ve just found something important: how to avoid unwanted show of videos (until I tap them) :
Settings > Network and Internet > Data Saver > ON
15’ (or so later) Google has noticed it and replaced the videos by PHOTOS [again to get money for what IT (= Google) interest most] OUPS… but below again a VIDEO which started playing without me asking for it.
Can Google+/android disable the “DATA SAVER ON”?

FOUND 2 (partial) ANSWERS:
I’ve to tap 2 times on the home screen (¿mains screen?) and wait long enough… if it doesn’t work I’ve to try again, sometimes 10 times fore the 3 next choices appear:

  1. Wallpaper and style
  2. Widgets
  3. Home settings

In Home settings > Show Google App > OFF

And to stop it while running:
Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Force stop

Q1. How is the main screen called? the one with all apps. Main screen? Home screen?
Q2. Ans how to be sure the Google (worthless) Assistent does’t show up each time I tap the circle at the bottom of the screen? It’s nagging me (and, as far as I can judge, responsible for sending me all those unwanted videos)
Q3. Why do I have to try multiple times before those 3 choices appear. I have a special cloth to clean the screen [lint-free SOFT microfiber cloth with water only] and my hands re clean.

Answer to Q3: To enter Home screen settings in Android, you need to long press an empty spot on the Home screen…

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