How to delete screenshots FP4

How to delete screenshots?

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Could you please explain a little more detailed, what you would like to know? Are you using the standard Android 12 software of Fairphone? Do you want to delete the screenshot in the gallery or just after you made it?


I havent a clue what other software is on the phone than what was in it when i bought it. i have the phone for only two weeks but it already has accumulated many (unndcessary/unwanted) ‘screenshots’.

Why are you making these screen shots, if you don‘t want them? Where do you see them?

Why i am taking screen shots? I don’t want to, but they appear on the bloody thing. I wish there was some kind of tutored course that i can do, as this my first smartphone - but the damned phone is way smarter than i am.

And i can not find a dustbin where i can ditch all those unwanted bloody apps like Google Lens or what have you.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Open the Photos app, go to Library (bottom right corner) and then select the Screenshots folder. Once you see your screenshots, you can then long press on the one you want to get rid off (or select multiple) and then delete them using the trash icon at the top.


Hey, thank you Radomir, ah!!
Your suggestions works!
I got rid of 'em! Tnx


Have you looked at the tutorials and information at ?

Thank you, Patrick.
I will try to consult the Tutorials
[but/though they are not in my language].
Unfortunately one already has to be familiar with 'smart’phone jargon
-this is my first SPh-
to know how to word one’s question.
Kind regards,

To uninstall, find the icon for the app (among the various others); press the icon until “App info” pops up, tap that and choose “Uninstall”. But go carefully, do not uninstall anything that could be vital — perhaps check on the internet first.

Screenshots happen when you first tap the square at the bottom right (making the app window shrink so you can switch) and then either tap “Screenshot” at the bottom of the screen or tap the icon above the shrunk window and then choose “Screenshot”.

You may perhaps be able to find extra information on the French / German / Dutch / Spanish / Italian Fairphone sites, though I saw on some of those sites that the Support link takes you to the English version :frowning_face:

The Android Help site provides help in many more languages, via a selector at the bottom of the screen (on a PC), and there are many helpful videos on You Tube and elsewhere.

(Maar ik zie dat je — net als de meeste Nederlanders die ik ken — Engels wel aardig kunt.)

Thank you again, Patrick.
“Screenshots happen when you first tap the square at the bottom right”;
that’s exactly what (unintentionally) happens
and the reason why I wanted to be able to delete unwanted screenshots!
Kind regards,

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