How to delete all contacts

I am prepairing my phone to sell it. On the phone I have some hundreds of contacts. How can I delete it all together without wiping the whole OS? I don’t want to do it contact by contact. Any idea?

Long tap one contact, so it gets selected. Then use “select all” and finally “delete”.

Similar to this video:

On the FP it will probably look a little different, because of a different version of Android.
I’m on Lineage OS and there, the “select all” is a little hidden: you need to tap on the “1” which is the count of the selected contacts, then you can mark all. The “delete” is in the three vertical dots menu.


This Fairphone Forum is simply unique!!! Yesterday I put two questions here and within a hour I got the solutions. Special thanks to @AnotherElk and @Ingo! Both answers worked immediately!


You’re welcome :wink:

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May I ask why you don’t want to do a factory reset? It’s the most convenient and safe way to clean your phone from user data without touching the OS.

Wouldn’t I delete all the installed apps with it?

Yes, but if you want to sell your phone and don’t know the buyer personally that would be the sensible thing to do.
Apps may contain your data, too. And potentially cause any sort of trouble.
I would imagine a new user would just want to start with a fresh OS without anything left from the previous user.


If an app auto-connects to an account of yours, the buyer might even accidentally gain access to your account or your private or any public w-lan for which you have saved the connection data on your phone.

You really should head @AnotherElk’s advice and return the phone to factory settings.

I’m quite sure, that I deleted all my personal data and connections, but you might be right and I will follow your advice! Thank you!

Edit: Now (01. 04. 18) I have done a factory reset and installed Lineage 14.1 microG 20190328.

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Hey, that’s great.
I guess there will be some mighty happy buyer getting a phone with LOS preinstalled! :smile:

Fairphone 2
Fairphone Open 18.03.1
pre-installed contact app

I have the same question but I cannot find the “select all” checkbox. Tapping on the counter does not have any effect :frowning:

I don’t know, whether that works in the same way with the Fairphone Open OS (= Android 6.1), and I can’t test it, because I am running Lineage OS (= Android 7.1).

If it doesn’t work under FP Open OS, that could be a reason to change the OS for you?

I found this for Android 6:

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