How to delete all appointments?

my calendar is overflowing with double entries (i.e. appointments that got doubled by SyncMate – don’t ask why or how!). My main calendar is the iCal on my MacBook, and I can sync them anytime again, so I imagine it would be a good way to clean up the FP-calendar by deleting each and every entry and then replace them with SyncMate.
good thinking or amateurish or …?
btw: Android 8.1.0; LOS 15.1-20190403
thanks for a guiding hand.

The brute force method may be too go to settings->apps->calendar->storage and clear data of the used calendar app (and then sync again).


Did what you suggested (in detail the paths are a bit different in LOS from what you offer, but I found it), and the calendar client (Etar) shows exactly zero. Wonderful! And as I write this, SyncMate is busy copying the originals from iCal. Thanks for a quick (and not-so-dirty) remedy.
(edit:) for the benefit of others who might have the same situation, the path is as follows (my UI is in German): Einstellungen–>Speicher–>Interner gemeinsamer Speicher–>Weitere Apps–>Kalender–>Cache leeren und Daten löschen. Then: reboot.


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